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Micro-Optic Security

Our patented micro-optic technology protects the world’s most valuable brands from counterfeiters and fraud, ensuring that consumers get the authenticity they deserve, every time. We are the world’s leading micro-optic producer wielding powerful in-house software and a mastery of specialized materials and equipment to generate the most secure and engaging visual effects. We have created a family of features that are differentiated by ease of use and incomparably resilient against simulation and counterfeiting.

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Integrated Detection & Sensing Systems

Our state-of-the-art detection and sensing technologies ensure the highest level of security and authentication for our customers’ most critical applications. Our advanced image recognition software analyzes over 5 million data points in more than 1,000 dimensions while simultaneously referencing 20 proprietary algorithms. The result is a best-in-class technology platform that delivers the highest level of security to our customers. Coupled with our integration and assembly expertise, as well as a vast in-house service network, we are uniquely qualified to deliver one of the industry’s most comprehensive systems offerings.

UV-lit banknote

Connectivity Solutions

Our cloud-based architecture is configured to give our customers seamless access to their devices – enabling real-time machine management and performance alerts. With our comprehensive management platform, our customers benefit from remote diagnostics, payment transaction data, live machine monitoring, consumer analytics, and the potential for added revenue streams from our proprietary in-house advertising network.

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Crane Payment Innovations

Consumers want fast, flexible solutions that keep them moving. Our customers want smart automation that enables their employees to perform on high-value work. At CPI, we want it all. Explore the integrated technologies that keep our markets moving.

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Crane Authentication

Consumers buy products from brands that align with their values, and they deserve to know that what they’re buying is real. At Crane Authentication, we empower consumers to identify and authenticate branded products. Trust and loyalty are the true enablers of secure commerce. Explore how we deliver on these values.

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Crane Currency

Crane Currency is a fully integrated supplier of secure, durable and beautifully designed banknotes for central banks all over the world. A pioneer in advanced micro-optics technology, Crane Currency provides a wide range of engaging visual effects in features that increase the level of security and public trust in banknotes.

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Nippon Conlux is a pioneer in the development of coin and currency validation technology used in integrated payment systems in Japan. Conlux provides customers with market leading systems and connectivity solutions for the retail, transport and amusement markets.

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