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A toolkit for growth

The Crane Business System is more than a system – it’s a management philosophy that’s embedded within our DNA. This framework enables us to be flexible to changing market dynamics, agile in responding to customer needs, and adept at creating value for our customers through our day-to-day activities.

Illustrated data screens

>200 Trained CBS champions

>150 Kaizen events per year

>3x Improvement in operating margins since 2010

Pioneering change

Continuous improvement.

CBS embodies the spirit of continuous improvement. Through the relentless pursuit of innovation, Crane NXT systematically eliminates waste, variation, and overburden.

Crane Business System Focus

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Two workers at machine

United for purpose

Everyone, everywhere.

All Crane NXT associates are united by our business system, ensuring all of our businesses are disciplined and focused as one connected body. Together, we achieve our corporate objectives of sustainable, profitable growth and strong free cash flow.

“The Crane Business System is the currency of Crane NXT — it is how we win.”

- Michael Katz, Sr. Director Program Manager -