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Our mission


Proprietary, advanced technology, applied at the source, to provide a single source of truth as to the identity or originality of an asset


Engineered products to efficiently sense and detect specific properties in a product, on a surface, or in the environment


Hardware and software technologies that track and trace products and verify identities

United by our mission

Together, we are a passionate team of creators and problem solvers, united by our mission to secure, detect and authenticate what matters most.

Around the world, our customers trust us to anticipate their needs with innovative, reliable, and high quality solutions and services – just as they have for generations.

Our Shared Values

People Matter

We invest in each other and work together to achieve more.

This means we:

  • Know that our people are at the center of all we do, and we strive to bring out the best in our work and each other. ​​
  • Proactively look after one another to support our safety and wellbeing.​​
  • Actively seek to include others for their unique backgrounds, talents, and beliefs.​​
  • Recognize and thank one another for our contributions, both big and small.​​
  • Routinely seek feedback, build connections, and innovate solutions with our virtual and global team members.​

Do The Right Thing

We operate with honesty and integrity in all that we do.

This means we:

  • Always conduct business fairly and ethically.
  • Lead with trust and respect in every interaction.
  • Show up authentically and courageously.
  • Drive forward our legacy and reputation of protecting and investing in our people, our customers, and our communities.
  • Honor our commitments.

Trusted Partner

We anticipate and solve our customers’ most complex needs.

This means we:

  • Delight our customers by delivering the highest quality solutions and services. ​​
  • Operate as a high-performing team, relentlessly focused on our customers’ and one another’s long-term success. ​​
  • Embody a customer-centric mindset when making decisions and taking action. ​​
  • Seek to listen, understand, and respond to the needs of our customers. ​​
  • Embrace a global perspective to encourage bold thinking and imagine what’s possible. ​​

Innovate for Growth

We are empowered to create new solutions that accelerate growth for our customers & ourselves.

This means we:

  • Experiment and learn quickly from successes and failures – seeking progress over perfection. ​​
  • Innovate by challenging our unique thinking and embracing technology to deliver scalable, repeatable solutions. ​​
  • Believe the best ideas come from diverse teams who deeply understand our customers and the global market. ​​
  • Approach our work with each other with genuine curiosity. ​​
  • Seek out opportunities to learn new skills and expand our thinking to discover our true potential.

Always Improving

We drive profitable growth through continuous improvement. ​​

This means we:

  • Leverage the Crane Business System, a core differentiator of our business, to drive effectiveness and efficiency.​​
  • Work to simplify and reduce complexity for our customers and ourselves.
  • Are transparent about our decisions and priorities in alignment with our goals. ​​
  • Anticipate and respond to changing circumstances with agility, resolve, and urgency. ​​
  • Trust each other to work hard and hold one another accountable to deliver outcomes.​​

“Crane NXT is a truly amazing company with great people and great business system focused on bringing value to our customers.”

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Amir Shahravar headshot
VP Operations

“The roles I’ve had at Crane NXT have challenged me to be a part of different functional areas, with much knowledge to learn.”

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HR Analyst

4,000 Global associates

10 R&D Hubs

15 Manufacturing Facilities

60 Countries with sales

Our Story

Entrepreneurship and innovation drives our business since the early 1800s

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Our Impact

We believe our greatest returns come from investing in our communities.

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We’re committed to building a better world.

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