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Gillian headshot


Sr Process Engineer

“Always foster curiosity. It’s the path that leads to learning and growing within your chosen career path.”

Gillian started working at Crane Currency in Dalton, MA as a technical engineering co-op student while completing her undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology. During Gillian’s time as a co-op student, she was exposed to the different processes that Crane Currency has onsite. What Gillian considers most unique about her co-op experience at Crane Currency is her experience working in a team environment in the Process Engineering group while being assigned her own value-added long-term project. Gillian`s favorite project as a co-op student required her to do a full mass balance on an entire paper machine, which really forced her to use the tools she learned at school in a real-world technical project.

After completing her degree, Gillian returned to Crane Currency as a Process Engineer. Gillian is now responsible for supporting Paper Machine Operations directly. She continued to grow and advance her technical skills through advanced problem solving. Her next role at Crane Currency was Process Engineer II. As a Process Engineer II, Gillian continued to grow her technical skills through supporting multiple Operations Areas and now was also learning the process of development work at Crane Currency. Five years later, Gillian continues to grow as a Senior Process Engineer at Crane Currency.

Career Path
Technical Engineering Co-op
Process Engineer
Process Engineer II
Senior Process Engineer

“What I enjoy most about working at Crane Currency is the teamwork atmosphere everyone creates. It makes it easy to learn and grow, not only as an engineer, but also as a professional individual.”